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brew n : drink made by steeping and boiling and fermenting rather than distilling [syn: brewage]


1 prepare by brewing; "people have been brewing beer for thousands of years"
2 sit or let sit in boiling water so as to extract the flavor; "the tea is brewing"

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  • , /bruː/, /bru:/
    Rhymes with: -uː


  1. To prepare (usually a beverage) by steeping and mingling; to concoct.
    Go, brew me a pottle of sack finely.
  2. To foment or prepare, as by brewing; to contrive; to plot; to hatch.
    Hence with thy brewed enchantments, foul deceiver!
  3. To attend to the business, or go through the processes, of brewing or making beer.
    I wash, wring, brew, bake, scour.
  4. To be in a state of preparation; to be mixing, forming, or gathering.
    There is some ill a-brewing towards my rest.
  5. In the context of "transitive|obsolete": To boil or seethe; to cook.


to prepare liquor


  1. The mixture formed by brewing; that which is brewed; a brewage.
  2. A beer.
  3. A cup of tea.
  4. The act of making a cup of tea.
  5. A hill.


something brewed

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  1. eyebrow


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General== Brew may refer to:


  • Aled Brew, Welsh rugby union winger for Newport Gwent Dragons
  • Bill Brew, Australian rugby league player in the NSW Rugby League (NSWRL) (1940-1941)
  • Chartres Brew (1815–1870), Canadian gold commissioner and judge
  • Derrick Brew (born 1977), 2004 U.S. Olympic Gold medalist in the Men's 4x400 meter relay*
  • ((Luke Brew..)) Future England and Chelsea player (Ruislip London)


Computer science


  • Mount Brew, several mountains in British Columbia, Canada

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John Barleycorn, Pilsner, alcohol, alcoholic beverage, alcoholic drink, ale, angle, approach, aqua vitae, ardent spirits, await, bake, barbecue, baste, bathe, be imminent, be in store, beer, begin, besprinkle, beverage, bitters, blanch, blast, blossom, blow, blow a hurricane, blow great guns, blow over, blow up, bluster, bock beer, boil, bootleg, booze, braise, breathe, breeze, breeze up, bring about, broil, brown, burgeon, cabal, cause, coddle, collude, color, combination, come on, come up, complot, compose, composition, compound, concoct, concoction, confection, confront, connive, conspire, contrive, cook, cook up, countermine, counterplot, curry, decoct, decoction, decoctum, develop, devil, devise, distill, do, do to perfection, douche, draw near, draw nigh, draw on, dredge, drench, drink, drouk, dye, engineer, entincture, face, ferment, finagle, finesse, fire, fix up, flavor, flourish, flush, form, forthcome, frame, frame up, freshen, fricassee, frizz, frizzle, fry, gather, germinate, get up, go on, griddle, grill, grog, grow, grow up, half-and-half, hang over, hard liquor, hash, hatch, hatch a plot, hatch up, heat, hodgepodge, hover, huff, hypertrophy, imbrue, imbue, impend, impregnate, increase, inebriant, infiltrate, infuse, inject, instill, intoxicant, intoxicating liquor, intrigue, jumble, lager beer, lave, lay a plot, leach, leaven, lie over, light beer, liquor, little brown jug, lixiviate, loom, lower, macerate, machinate, make, make up, malt liquor, maneuver, mature, mead, medley, melange, menace, mishmash, mix, mixture, moonlight, moonshine, mushroom, near, near beer, operate, outgrow, oven-bake, overdevelop, overgrow, overhang, overtop, pan, pan-broil, parboil, pastiche, penetrate, percolate, permeate, pervade, pipe up, plan, plot, poach, porter, potable, potation, potpourri, prepare, prepare food, procreate, produce, puff, pullulate, pulque, punch bowl, put together, rage, reproduce, rig, rinse, roast, rum, sake, salad, saturate, saute, scallop, scheme, schnapps, sear, season, seethe, set in, shirr, shoot up, simmer, soak, social lubricant, sodden, sop, souse, spirits, spring up, sprout, sprout up, squall, start, steam, steep, stew, stir-fry, storm, stout, strong drink, strong waters, suffuse, tea, temper, the Demon Rum, the bottle, the cup, the flowing bowl, the luscious liquor, the ruddy cup, threaten, thrive, tincture, tinge, toast, tower, toxicant, transfuse, upshoot, upspear, upspring, upsprout, vegetate, waft, wangle, wash, water of life, waterlog, wax, whiff, whiffle
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